3 Things I learned at In Christy’s Shoes

Last night, we went to one of our favorite fundraisers of the year–the annual benefit for In Christy’s Shoes.  We love it partially because it’s so fabulous, partially because it’s such a great cause.  The event features a fashion show of shoes, a silent auction, amazing hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails.  What’s not to love??  Also to love–the proceeds benefit Dress for Success and Zusman Hospice at Wexner Heritage Village.  This year, the event was housed at St. Charles Preparatory School, which provided an unexpectedly beautiful setting.

in christys shoes location

No fashionable event is complete without some pearls, so we donated this beauty to the silent auction.

inchristysshoes silent auction

We had a really great time last night (how could we not–did I mention the evening also ended with macarons from Pistacia Vera??), but I also learned a few things as well.  Thus, here are three things I learned from In Christy’s Shoes.

1. Taking camera-phone photos at a fashion show of shoes is hard.

Here is one of my better attempts:

red shoe, top of stairs

The fashion show featured white-clad models carrying platters of fabulous footwear.  This year’s designer was English designer Aruna Seth.  Fun fact:  her gorgeous designs feature the butterfly as a symbol of freedom.  In the interest of avoiding a barrage of various blurry photos that can’t possibly do justice to her shoes, let us move on to item two, which is:

2. Something really great can come out of something really awful.

In Christy’s Shoes raises money in honor of a Christy Levy Peters, a 34-year old woman who died of brain cancer, thereby leaving behind two young children and grieving family and friends.  This event stemmed from unspeakable grief and tragedy, and yet manages to create enormous amounts of joy and positivity.

Not only does In Christy’s Shoes raise money for two really great causes, but the event itself is really fun, which is saying something for a party with a powerpoint that literally brought people to tears.  But the food is great, the silent auction is exciting, and the shoes are fabulous.  Women glam up, wear their most fabulous shoes, and have an overall fantastic time.

I never knew Christy, but this event actually makes me feel like I do.  Those closest to her describe her warmth, vitality, and style in a way that absolutely resonates with the joy infusing the event.  The evening actually has something of the titillating excitement of shopping with a girlfriend for shoes.  There is the same joy and companionship and unfettered delight at oohing and aahing over the absurdly combined frivolity and practicality that are women’s shoes.

So yeah, the event is ostensibly about shoes, but it is mostly about loving things.  Which brings me to my next point:

3. Sisters are awesome.

You know who started the wonderful event I just described above?  Christy’s twin sister, Katrina.  Last night, Katrina described how the event began as a way for her to deal with her grief over the loss of her sister.  The first In Christy’s Shoes happened in a living room, when women simply brought shoes they wanted to donate in her memory.  Five years later, the event has grown in ways I’m sure that nobody in that living room ever imagined.

When Katrina lost her sister, she says she also lost her best friend.  But out of that unthinkable pain and misery, she has managed to create an amazing event that benefits countless people.  We’ve talked here before about the importance of sisterhood at Peace Love Bling, so it is particularly inspiring for us to go to an event like In Christy’s Shoes that so powerfully reflects the bond between sisters.

In full disclosure, I already knew that sisters are awesome.  I have three sisters that are as much a part of me as my own body.  If I were to suddenly lose one of them, I can’t imagine the sort of devastation I would experience.  But if I had to walk in Katrina’s shoes, I hope I would find the strength to transform my grief into even a fraction of the positivity she has created around the memory of her sister Christy.

If you’d like to learn more about In Christy’s Shoes, or find out how to contribute, check out their website here.


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